Case Studies

Case Studies

With access to some of the best business project professionals available, we use proven methodologies to deliver outstanding results, enabling our clients to stay ahead of the game. Below are several short case studies that demonstrate the broad variety of projects we’ve successfully completed.

  • Business Transformation

    Business Transformation


    Client     Global FMCG
    ServiceSenior Project Management

    Initial 6-month engagement, extended for a further 12 months


    Our Consultant was promoted to Program Manager.

    Won a CEO award for the role we played in rolling out an extremely successful Business Transformation program.

    EGC has now been working with the client for approx. 2 years.

    Enterprise is overseeing 2-3 projects that require review and rescue and utilising other EGC Consultants. 

  • Digital Transformation

    Digital Transformation


    ClientGlobal Transport
    ServiceSenior Project Management
    DurationInitial 6-month engagement, extended for a further 12 months

    Initially brought on to run a specific Digital Transformation Project.

    Engagement extended as a result of the Consultant successfully delivering the project on time and budget - then becoming the organisation's go-to "all rounder" having turned numerous projects around.

    EGC now reviews and delivers multiple projects and continues to provide health check advice to projects that have been identified as "at risk."

  • Project Delay Rescue

    Project Delay Rescue


    Client     Global Financial Services
    ServiceMultiple projects across business and technical

    Initial 6-month engagement


    EGC was brought in by the business as their current MSP wasn't meeting quality and lead-time expectations, hindering project kick-off.

    Initially provided a "one-off" project resource (Project Manager) to rescue the MSP and the client out of project delay.

    EGC provided a Consultant extremely quickly (within days) and the client was so impressed with the quality they asked for a partnership to be created with the MSP.

    Today, EGC is the go-to partner (by both the client and the MSP) to provide project and technical Consultants.

  • Overcoming Technical Roadblocks

    Overcoming Technical Roadblocks


    Client     Medical Devices
    ServiceMultiple projects across strategy and technical

    Initial 6-month engagement


    Brought on to recover a website design project that in-house and offshore were struggling to deliver due to technical roadblocks.

    Enterprise recovered the project, delivering ahead of schedule and under budget.

    As a result of the above, EGC is now partnering with the business to grow out entire project teams across data warehousing and security.

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